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  • Critical Tweets by Government Employee Permissible

    Posted 20 June 2018

    The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has recently found that the dismissal of a public servant because her anonymous tweets which were critical of government policy, failed the “reas...

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    Craig Green
  • New Planning Rules for Visitor Accommodation – Planning Directive No. 6

    Posted 18 June 2018

    This article explains the updated planning controls for visitor accommodation. It provides a comparison between the updated controls and those controls that formed the subject of our previous artic...

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    Nicole Sommer
  • Immunity From Error: The High Court Protects Security of Payment Adjudicators

    Posted 9 April 2018

    In February 2018 the High Court delivered two judgments which confine the role of all Courts in reviewing determinations of adjudicators which are made under the Security of Payment legislation ope...

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    Chris Groves
  • Case Summary - [2018] TASWRCT 2

    Posted 15 March 2018

    The case of [2018] TASWRCT 2 concerned a worker who made a claim for workers compensation for an injury suffered while undertaking work involving the restoration and renovation of sash windows....

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    Audrey Mills
  • Visitor accommodation – thinking about insurance

    Posted 8 December 2017

    Many people do not consider the insurance implications of casual ‘sharing economy’ uses.  If you are considering renting out your house, a room, a spare office or s...

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    Lisa Rankin
  • Trees on Boundaries: A New Process to Resolve Disputes

    Posted 17 November 2017

    On 1 December 2017, a new law comes into effect enabling Tasmanian residents more power to resolve disputes with their neighbours about plants on property boundaries.  For example disputes relating...

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    Georgia Newland
  • Visitor Accommodation Series - Statewide Changes to Planning Permit Requirements

    Posted 13 November 2017

    Changes to the planning rules for visitor accommodation have made it easier for homeowners to use sharing economy platforms. This article explains these changes and how they interact with the incom...

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    Nicole Sommer
  • Workers Compensation Amendments - Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Act 2016

    Posted 3 July 2017

    The Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Bill 2016 (‘the Bill’) will shortly be debated in the Legislative Council. It was anticipated that the ...

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    Matthew Sakaris