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New Government Surrogacy Website

The Australian Federal Government, in conjunction with the Attorney-General’s Department, has established a new government website for Surrogacy in Australia.

The new website explores the following topics:

  1. Domestic surrogacy. This section of the website provides a helpful diagram stepping out the surrogacy process and summarises the second element of surrogacy arrangements: the parentage element.
  2. Surrogacy overseas. This section of the website considers international surrogacy arrangements and the consequences of such arrangements in Australia. Commercial surrogacy remains illegal across Australia because of human rights concerns. Whilst there are some exceptions, parents who have received a child via an oversea commercial surrogacy arrangement will not be considered the child’s legal parents in Australia.
  3. The website sets out the relevant international laws on the human rights for each party to the surrogacy arrangement including the child.
  4. The last topic on the website is a summary of the most common terminology associated with surrogacy arrangements.

Dobson Mitchell Allport’s recent article on surrogacy provides an excellent summary of surrogacy law in Tasmania. Whilst the process is generally similar across Australia, it is vital for those considering surrogacy to seek advice from a family lawyer so that the correct laws and processes are followed.