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When making a claim for workers compensation, an injured worker must provide to their employer a completed claim form and workers compensation medical certificate.

The WorkCover Tasmania Board has recently released a new workers compensation claim form and workers compensation medical certificate for use in Tasmania. The new forms can be printed or completed digitally.

In developing the new forms, consultation was had with insurers, medical practitioners, rehabilitation providers, lawyers, workers, unions, employers and the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.  This was to ensure that the forms captured all relevant information required to assist with the workers compensation claim process, with a focus on a worker’s capacity, rather than their incapacity.

Claim Form

Although the form is longer than its predecessor, it has been simplified, making it easier for injured workers and employers to complete.  The aim of the new certificate is to ensure all relevant information is obtained from the outset, so that a claim can be managed without delay.

An important change is that the form allows for workers to elect to receive certain documents relating to their claim via email communication.  Previously an employer or insurer would arrange for certain documents to be served personally, which in addition to being costly, would often cause additional stress on the injured worker.

The new claim form can be accessed below.

New workers compensation claim forms for Tasmania (

Medical Certificate

Previously, there were two medical certificates: an initial certificate; and a continuing certificate.  This has now been simplified into one certificate, with an option to specify wither it is an initial or continuing certificate.  The updated certificate is also longer than its predecessor.  The questions asked of an injured worker’s medical practitioner have been modified to ensure that employers and insurers obtain clear information relating to the worker’s need for treatment and their capacity for work including return to work restrictions.

The focus is now on what a worker can do rather than what they cannot.

A copy of the new certificate can be accessed below.

Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate) (

For any enquiries relating to the worker’s compensation process, including disputes, please contact our insurance litigation division.