Our story so far

We have been in service to Tasmania and the nation for over 180 years and over that time a lot has happened.

So here are a few of the more notable moments.

1834. New shores, new opportunities.
The early years of Hobart Town presented many opportunities for a keen legal practitioner. John Dobson emigrates from England and is admitted to practice in Hobart, finding himself a very busy man.

1864. Fortifying the firm.
William Giblin joins the firm and it becomes Dobson Giblin.

1865. John Dobson passes away.
His sons Henry and William continue in the firm with eldest William being appointed as a judge in the the Supreme Court.

1870. Giblin ascends.
William Giblin is appointed a judge and enters politics.

1873. A good move.
111 Macquarie Street becomes the firm’s new address. Today there you’ll find the Reserve Bank Building.

1875. An important, new face.
John Mitchell joins the firm and it becomes Dobson Mitchell.

1878. Giblin elected Premier.
It seems that move into politics was the right one as Giblin holds the office of Premier until 1884.

1886. Further expansion.
Cecil Allport arrives and our name changes to something you’ll find familiar; Dobson, Mitchell and Allport.

1891. Large and powerful.
Now one of Tasmania’s largest law firms. Henry Dobson becomes the Member for Brighton and enters the House of Assembly and rapidly rises to become Opposition Leader.

1892. A second Premier.
Henry Dobson is elected Premier and establishes a Government Tourist Bureau and amends the Education Act to make attendance at school compulsory.

1901. On a grand legal scale.
January 1st, Australia is declared a nation in its own right.

1953. Coronation.
Elizabeth II is crowned Queen of England.

1961. Judging success.
Again from our ranks another judge is appointed, this time it is William Ellis Cox.

1970. A better move.
We relocate from Macquarie Street to 59 Harrington Street.

1982. Like father, like son.
Bill Cox is appointed judge and subsequently becomes Chief Justice.

1988. Breaching the seams.
The practice expand into the Del Stare building on the corner of Harrington and Davey Streets.

2004. Another Governor.
The new Governor of Tasmania is named and it is Bill Cox.

2008. Bigger in practice.
Dobson, Mitchell and Allport is joined by Hand, Ogilvie and Breheny. Immediately the number of lawyers in practice jumps to over 30.

2009. A proper party.
The Premier, Attorney General and Lord Mayor attend our 175th anniversary celebrations in the Town Hall.

2010. National clout.
We join M + K Lawyers Group to offer expanded services and national reach.

2015. Taking charge of our future
Dobson Mitchell and Allport buys itself back to better determine its future and its relevance to clients.

2016. & that’s the end
Dobson Mitchell and Allport decides to drop the unnecessary ‘and’. And why not?