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Allport Bequests

Henry Allport gave thought not only to his clients during his lifetime, but to how his love of the city and its people could echo into the future.

Under his will, he established two main trust funds, the first of which led to the founding of the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, now located at the State Library in Hobart.

The second is known as the ‘Allport Bequest’. It must apply its income in providing donations or gifts of money for public charitable objects for the citizens of Hobart. The terms of the Trust require a list of the beneficial charities and the amount they benefited to be published by the Trustees in the newspaper every six months. Since Henry Allport’s death in 1965, dozens of charitable organisations have benefitted from the Trust.

Guidelines for grant applicants

These guidelines have been prepared to assist charitable organisations in submitting their proposals for funding from the Allport Bequest.

Please read the guidelines carefully and, if you believe that your organisation is eligible for a grant, complete the application form. All parts of the application form should be completed unless clearly inappropriate to your organisation, in which case the reason for the question not being answered should be stated.

Applications should be signed by the Chairperson of the organisation or its Chief Executive Officer.


Your project must benefit people who reside in the greater metropolitan area of Hobart.

Your organisation must be charitable or the project must be for charitable purposes. The best evidence of this is that you are either an income tax exempt charity or have deductible gift recipient status.

Consideration of applications

In order for you application to be considered, you will need to supply the Trustees with the following:

A fully completed application form which contains evidence that your project has clearly defined objectives and outcomes and the method by which the achievement of these outcomes will be measured.

Clear evidence that the project will benefit the citizens of Hobart.

Information as to whether or not you have requested funding from any other source and what the status of that application is.

If your project is likely to require funding over a number of years or requires more than one half yearly grant, a break-down of the project into smaller sections, so that the Trustees can give consideration to funding a distinct part of the project, if the full amount of the funding requested is not available.

Closing date for applications

Funding decisions are made on the basis of half yearly accounts prepared for the Trust as at 30th June and 31st December in each year. Accordingly, your application must reach the Trustees prior to those dates. The Trustees’ decision will be made within two (2) months of each accounting date.

Assessment criteria

The following general criteria are used by the Trustees to assess proposals and make funding decisions:

Charitable objectives: the project must by ‘charitable’ within the legally defined meaning of the word.

Evidence of planning: the application should show that there will be effective monitoring and evaluation of the particular project involved and how the measurement of results of the project will be achieved. Where the application is for funding part of a larger project, the overall viability must be demonstrated.

History of past capability: the organisation should show that its past history demonstrates a capacity to meet the objectives which it has set itself.

Budget: the budget must provide adequate detail and appear to be realistic.

Areas not funded

In general, the Trustees will not approve grants of funds for the following purposes:

  • Payment of the normal administrative expenses of an organisation
  • Funding deficits in relation to past activities or for making loan repayments
  • Rental
  • Public appeals
  • Plant and equipment which requires regular renewal in the course of the organisation’s activities, although funding for special items fulfilling a need which might otherwise not be filled will be considered
  • Projects which normally would be eligible for full funding from government authorities.

Successful applications

Successful applicants will be notified in writing within approximately two (2) months of the closing date. The decision of the Trustees is final and not subject to appeal. However, where lack of available funds is the sole reason for denying an application, an applicant may be encouraged to make an application for the next round of grants.

It is a condition of the grant that appropriate recognition of the source of funding should be made in relation to the particular project (if possible) or at least in the organisation’s annual report.

The application form is available for download in PDF or Word format below.

Allport Bequest Application for Grant (Word)

Allport Bequest Application for Grant (PDF)

Applications should be addressed to:

The Trustees
Allport Bequest
C/- Dobson Mitchell Allport

And forwarded by email to